🥇Top 10 Best Mop for Tile Floors Reviews & Buyer’s Guide in 2024

Everyone desires to maintain their tile floors in a condition that is appealing, well-kept, long-lasting, and clean. Compared to other types of flooring, tile floors often accumulate dirt, dust, and stains more swiftly. They offer a mix of easy upkeep, superior appearance, dependability, and longevity.

But one of the leading challenges is How to maintain this kind of tiles? Scrubbing the floors for hours of time on your knees and hands can make your floor clean but pains you a lot. Latest technology gifted us with innovative ways to clean the tile floors where Floor mops are one of the solutions for this problem. Microfiber Floor mops correctly clean the tile floors better than the vacuum cleaners, and it works more effectively than the traditional wet mops.

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Selecting a mop that suits explicitly for the tile is the most critical thing to decrease your effort and save your energy. Do not worry about investing in a wrong one because we are here to guide you towards the right one.

How we choose the best mop for floor tiles:

best mop for tile floors

We have looked, analyzed and tested a wide range of different floor mobs that are sold in the marketplace and compared them to each other to obtain the best one. Our team researched main features, brands, qualities, specific characteristics, user experience and consumer satisfaction rate. After doing all the research and conducting tests, we have finalized the best products for you where we have provided a brief description of the best mop for floors.

1. BISSELL Steam Mop:

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If you are in search of a steam mop that keeps your floor 100% free from dust and dirt, then this is the one for you. BISSELL steam mop is our top pick and took the spot because of its unique and ultimate features. It gives your floor a sanitized and shiny clean with the help of digital steam control which comes with three variable ranges low, medium and high. 

It is designed with a built-in easy scrubber that cleans 2X faster and makes your work more quickly that makes it the best mop for tile floor and grout. It reaches and clears toughest messes, sticky strains, dried on spots and grout. The built-in optional scent discs provide a whole room freshness after cleaning. Insert a scented disc in the pocket, and the mop starts cleaning with aroma when you steam mop.

 The power rating is 1500 watts, and the heater warms up within 30 seconds of time. The water tank is designed in the top of the steam mop that can be refilled anytime during the use.

Product Features:

-Designed with easy microfiber scrub pad for a 2x fast cleaning process

-Built-in variable steam control that lets a user customize the steam on three levels of low, medium and high.

-Designed with Spring Breeze fragrance discs.

-Designed with a water tank on the top of the mop. It can be filled with distilled or demineralized water and can be filled whenever you need.

-Power rating-1500 watts.

-Can be used to clean stone, marble, ceramic, hardwood and tiles.

-Comes with power cord

Things We Liked:

  • ​Easy to use.
  • ​Fragrance
  • ​Works faster
  • ​Versatile

​Things We Didn't Like:

  • ​Flimsy water reservoir cap gets stuck in the machine.
  • ​No instructions

​2. Shark Pocket Mop:

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Shark Pocket mop is a rectangular mop head with a super heated steam system which is designed as an all-purpose mop for wood, linoleum, vinyl and tile cleaning. The patented two side microfiber pads cleaned profoundly and sanitized the sealed hard floors. It is light in weight and heats up within 30 seconds of time. It automatically releases steam in every push forward motion and cleanses dried spills, dirt and dust spots neatly.

It is designed with shark washable pad, microfiber cleaning pad, dirt grip pads, water fill flasks, spray pocket mop for extreme cleaning routines. It has natural mopping motion which delivers super heated steam and sanitizes 99.9% on hard floors which provide the best way to deep clean the tile floors.

Product Features:

-Designed with shark steam pocket technology which provides double-side cleaning system. By this feature, you can quickly mop by using two sides of the pad.

-Gets heated up within 30 seconds of time.

-It provides 99.9% sanitization.

-Comes with water fill flasks and dirt grip pads.

-Designed with XL water capacity.

-Comes with two washable microfiber pads which lift and lock.

-It is equipped with 25-foot power cord.

Things We Liked:

  • ​Light in weight.
  • ​Cleans super fast.

Things We Didn't Like:

  • ​Breakage issues.
  • ​Do not form steam

3. O-Cedar Spin Mop:

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O-Cedar spin mop is designed with the bucket system for efficient and effective cleaning experience. It doesn't cause any messes around your home during the process of cleaning. It takes a little effort and ideal for the hard floors to remove stubborn stains. The triangular mop head cleans hard to reach areas and cleans everything quickly.

The Easy wring spin bucket enables the user to control the amount of water that can be applied to the floor and dry faster. The high-quality foot pedal provides active spin wringing and controls the level of moisture. The built-in wringer allows hands-free wringing to decrease your hand stress. The microfiber pad is removable, absorbs very quickly and easy to wash. It also incorporates tough grime, dust, and dirt. The splash guard protects the spray inside the bucket when wringing.

Product Features:

-Designed with a splash guard to keep the spray inside the bucket.

-Designed with deep cleaning removable microfiber which absorbs dirt quickly.

-Comes with high-quality foot pedal for easy spin wringing.

-Designed with the spin mop and bucket system.

-Built-in wringer for hands-free wringing.

-It is easy to control mop

-Designed with unique triangle mop head to clean up the corners.

-Designed with the Flexible mop head.

Things We Liked:

  • ​Simple to use
  • ​Durable design.
  • ​Cleans up easily.

Things We Didn't Like:

  • ​Spinner breakage issues.
  • ​Little bit heavy

4. SKG Hot Steam Mops:

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SKG hot steam mop is powerful hot steam mops which have the power of 1500w and produces 212F heat steam which naturally cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes the floors.It dissolves the stubborn dust stains and removes all kinds of dirt resides all around the home. It provides a nontoxic environment for pets and kids.

The snap on carpet gilder refreshes carpet and deeply cleans tough stains easily. It consists of 180-degree swivel triangle head that reaches all the spots enhancing the process of cleaning. The steam control settings optimize the cleaning system for all kinds of floors. It has light cleaning and most robust cleaning that comes in two settings of high to max and min to low. It is designed with 6 in 1 versatile accessories for easy cleaning.

Product Features:

-Designed to use conveniently and keeps your floors safe and clean.

-Designed with 1500w powerful steam motor which releases 212F hot steam which is chemical free. It fights against germs, bacteria, ticks, and dirt.

-Designed with 180-degree swivel triangular mop head to reach areas.

-The steam controls have various ranges of settings.

-Designed to clean hardwood floor, tires, glass, marble and carpet.

-Designed with the sound alarm system which becomes louder when the water needs to be refilled.

-Designed with overload protection system

Things We Liked:

  • ​Light in weight
  • ​Fast drying.
  • ​Easy to clean

Things We Didn't Like:

  • ​Plastic is not so nice
  • ​Water no absorb

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Professional dust mops are one of the best mops for ceramic tile floors as it has substantial duty telescoping aluminum pole and microfiber wet mop pad for deep cleaning. The trapezoid mop frame is a unique feature which does a great job to clean hard floor surfaces. The handle is made up of dense gauge Aluminum, and the height can be adjustable up to 5 feet or 60 inches according to your needs. So, you do not have to worry about reaching spots and discomfort caused by little mops.

Product Features:

-Made up of heavy gauge aluminum.

-The microfiber mop is ade up of high-quality material to increase the absorption.

-The handle's height can be extended.

-Comes with one dry pad and one wet pod.

Things We Liked:

  • ​Strong body.
  • ​Durable design.
  • ​Multiple uses.

Things We Didn't Like:

  • ​The handle is not placed correctly.
  • ​Black plastic gets stuck

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Are you looking for the best multi-purpose steam cleaner? Then, this is the best one you. Steam cleaner steam mops feature an ergonomic soft grip handle, steam pocket mop, washable microfiber pad, quick release cord, power cord and a filling task. The scrubbing pads clean the floors carefully without affecting the hardwood. It consists of triple layer microfibers that have a lift and lock feature. 

It is ideal for little too heavy jobs like it can clean small spots and rusty grease spots. It kills 99 percent of bacteria and germs sanitizing the floors. The steam gets ready within 20 seconds of time and the lightweight mop which makes it easy to use. You can turn on the mop, and it starts working within a little amount of tie which saves your energy. It cleans oily, greasy and sticky stains from ceramic and vinyl tiles.

Product Features:

-Designed with scrubbing pads

-Designed with triple layer microfiber.

-The steam gets heats up within 20 seconds.

-Designed with the washable microfiber pad

Things We Liked:

  • ​Simple design.
  • ​Light in weight.
  • ​Works faster

Things We Didn't Like:

  • ​No power button
  • ​Breakage issues with handle.
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The Swiffer steam mop is powered by Bissell designed to deeply penetrates and remove the dirt from all corners. The steam activated cleaning pads have dirt dissolving characteristics and work great on the hardwood floors. It has powerful steam that breaks down the dirt and locks it away.

Product Features:

-Designed with steam activated cleaning pads.

-The cleaning pads deeply clean the dust stains.

-Designed to produce powerful steam.

-It comes with the 2-in-1 hard surface for mopping and sweeping tool for multiple cleaning purposes

-It can be extended up to three feet.

Things We Liked:

  • ​Works perfectly on the stubborn stains.
  • ​Reliable mob.

Things We Didn't Like:

  • ​Quality is not so nice.

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Bissell Symphony steam mop is a combination of steaming and vacuuming feature to save the cleaning time. It consists of powerful cyclonic action vacuums that picks up dry debris and a steam cleaner that cleans up sticky messes and bacteria which makes it best mop for porcelain tile floors.

The overall height is 46.5 inches and weighs less. It sanitizes hard floors without any harsh chemicals and cleans all the debris neatly. It is designed with easy tough digital controls that help the user to control the power based on the function. The adjustable handle is easy to use and comfortable to hold. The quick release mop tray works quickly to clean everything up and works in one motion.

Product Features:

-Designed with vacuuming and streaming systems to make the cleaning process easier.

-The tank capacity is 12.8 oz which is pretty good

-The power of the motor is 120 volts.

-Comes with four microfiber mop pads.

-Designed with five-way adjustable handle.

-Designed with quick release mop pad tray.

-Designed with easy touch controls.

Things We Liked:

  • ​Cleans deeply.
  • ​Versatile design.
  • ​Touch controls.

Things We Didn't Like:

  • ​Suction doesn't work properly.

9. Hoover Hardwood Cleaner:

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Hoover Hardwood Cleaner provides the best way to ceramic tile floors. The folding handle saves the storage space and offers convenience to store in closets after cleaning. The built-in brushes are designed with spin scrub technology that scrubs and washes from all ways. It is light in weight, easy controls, and comes with dry and wash mode selectors. The clean boost control deeply cleans all kinds of floors, and it is designed with dual tank technology. The spin scrub brush gives the best cleaning and smoothly scrubs the sealed floors.

Product Features:

-Designed with dual tan technology which keeps the dirty and clean water separate.

-Built-in wash/dry mode selection where dry mode suction up excess water and dry the floor and wash mode uses brushes to clean with excess water.

-It is designed with spinscrub brushes

-Built-in 3.5 AMP motor which gives powerful steam.

-Designed with clean boost control mechanism.

Things We Liked:

  • ​Dry and wash modes
  • ​Powerful motor.
  • ​Easy to control.

Things We Didn't Like:

  • ​The motor is not good.

10. Shark Original Steam Mop:

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Shark original steam mop is one of the best shark steam mop designed with triple layered steam activated microfiber pads. The mop loosens up, lifts and locks in dust and debris from every corner of your home. The super heated steam kills dangerous germs like E.coli, bacteria and another harmful germ. It sanitizes the floor very fast. Here are more features of this product.

Product Features:

-It is made of light in weight body.

-The steam gets heats up in 30 seconds.

-The powerful steam kills germs and dries the floor.

Things We Liked:

  • ​Lightweight.
  • ​Sanitizes the floor neatly.

Things We Didn't Like:

  • ​Doesn't last

What to look for in a Tile Mop:

Searching for the best mop for tile floors is not an easy task. Many people invest in a cheap floor mops which break down within few weeks of usage. People use floor mops every day which means it should last for a long time. Considering some of the features helps you to choose the right one.

Here are the main features you need to check before selecting the one:

Microfiber pads:

Microfibers pads are used to clean the floors. These pads clean and gets the dust stick to it. Some of the mops are designed with washable. Some are removable microfiber pads which are easy to maintain. Microfiber absorbs the dust and dirt quickly from the floor, and it is used in making of most of the floor mops.

-Types of mops:

Manufacturers design mops with different types of systems. You can select the design depending on your needs. Here are the types of mops:

  • ​Steam Mop:

Steam mops are a type of mop which uses steam to clean the floors. It differs from the traditional mops from using harmful chemicals and cleaning agents. Steam mops don't need any chemicals and need steam to clean the floor.

It has a microfiber pad underneath to collect and hold all the debris. It produces steam up to 120-240 degrees which kills all the bacteria to sanitize the floor. Usually, the steam from within 20-30 seconds of time and starts cleaning up the floor.

  • ​Tile scrubber:

Tile scrubbers have pads underneath the design which cleans the floor tile thoroughly by scrubbing it with scrubbers.

  • ​Spin Mop:

The spin mop is designed to wring all around the floor and dust off the floor.

  • ​Combo mops:

Combo mop is a combination of mop and vacuum which clean all parts of the floors virtually. It can vacuum and mop the floor at the same time which results in a faster cleaning process.

-Tank size:

The size of tank defines the capacity of the tank. If you are decided to select a steam mop, you must consider the water tank size. If you have a big area to clean, you need a bigger tank. Also, check how often the tank needs a refill to reduce your effort.

-The tile material:

The tiles are made up of different types of materials like ceramic, wood, linoleum, etc. Different kind of floors needs different kinds of mops to handle and clean up the dust from the floor.

The texture of floor can change the amount of dust accumulate inside the tiles. Flat floors do not get more dust, and ceramic tiles get stained quickly. So, make sure to check the floor before choosing the one.

-How often you clean and area of cleaning:

​It is one of the significant things you need to take note of. If you live in commercial buildings or places, the cleaning should be done frequently to keep the place tidy. If you live in the home and you have pets or kids, you must clean the home twice a day to kill the bacteria.

The mop you have chosen should be favorable for regular cleaning. Washrooms, laundry rooms, kitchen have most of the stubborn stains which need a mop that strongly cleans off the stains. So, choose a mop that handles all the tough situations smartly.


Mops always face dirty and dusty tiles which they have to take care of. Some of the mops get damages within weeks due to low quality. Do not let manufacturers trick you with outer looks and features. Do your research on the material it is made up of, design, motor power and quality of the mop. Heavy duty metals, well-designed mops stay for a more extended amount of time.

-Care and Maintenance:

It takes a lot of time to maintain the mops as you need to clean them frequently. Some of the mops are very easy to maintain, and the equipment doesn't take much time to get cleaned up. Removable and washable parts can be cleaned with less effort and don't need any effort.

-Portability and storage space:

Check the weight of the mop as it decides the portability of the mop. If you want to carry the mop everywhere choose a lightweight mop for easy portability. Also, few mops come with fold able designs which you can store in a small place. If you have lesser space in the home, opt for a smaller one.


Last but not least, make sure the mop is useful in the point of cleaning. It should reach all the corners of the floor to remove the hidden dust. It should sanitize the floor to kill bacteria and harmful germs. Some designs have scented discs which leaves your favorite aroma around soon after the cleaning. The motor power should be high and run the mop with high power.


Here are the top 10 best mop for tile floors and a brief buying guide to understanding how to choose the best one. It is your time to make a decision and always pick the right one. Floor mops have been around more than a decade, and we use them in our daily lives. It is something that helps you to keep your home protected from dangerous germs. Investing in the best mop is a better investment for better health.

Stay smart, Happy Shopping!

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