What Affects Students’ Performance

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Students have the most value when it comes to education in colleges, universities, or schools. They play an important part in the system of education, and after graduating, they will become great leaders or the ones who would take control of the social and economic situation in the country. That’s why students’ performance is very relevant and paid strict attention to by researchers. The improvement of students’ performance implies reinventing the situation in the country. More and more skillful graduates become in charge of significant social issues and try to solve problems that citizens bother with all the time. So, the high performance benefits not only the students themselves but the society too.

Factors that influence the students’ performance

But what exactly has an effect on students’ performance? Why do they show different results in rural and urban areas? And how is it possible to measure the performance? These and many other questions are studied by special organizations that do constant research on the subject. There are different ways to measure a student’s performance such as GPA and CGPA. GPA is the most common method to implement the task, a lot of researchers use this measuring all over the world. After the research is finished, several questions are asked to figure out what factors will affect further performance in order to identify the problem and improve the situation. According to the research studies there are several cases that affect students’ performance.


It goes without saying that communication has the most effect on students’ behavior and approach to studying. Communication can be classified as an internal and external aspect. Internal one includes socialization within the class and studying areas. It can be various kinds of test work, communication with classmates, teachers, lecturers, and facilities that engage learning. External communication implies that students get in touch with everyone outside the learning area, i.e., parents, spare-time activities, financial and social problems. Why are these factors important? Because if students get on well with both external and internal spheres, practicing their communicative skills as well as psychological ones, they are more likely to achieve good results in a learning process and show efficient performance.

Family issues

The key factor that also can’t be unmentioned is the family issues and stress at home. Family involvement in a learning process will strengthen students’ confidence and motivation. A family can provide their offspring with appropriate financial help. It can enable students to concentrate on studying more. They don’t necessarily have to apply for a part time job to make ends meet. Moreover, they will feel more secure in their future career because of relative’s approval and support. If we look on the other side and consider the bad case scenario like a loss of a family member, divorce or not meeting with parents, it will have a negative impact. All these factors influence the students’ learning performance.

Academic environment

Rules and regulations that are set for students to keep them active can be very strict and intense. Sometimes it makes it harder for students to keep up with their assignments and paperwork. When it comes to writing essays, the amount of work can be so overwhelming that students don’t have time and the possibility to finish it. Or inappropriate consultation may cause some confusion that will lead to unsuccessful results. So is edu birdie legit in this case? Will it really help? Learn more information about it to make sure you will benefit from this service. Timely and professional support will add some bonuses for keeping the performance at a certain level. On the other hand, too much information provided in the class can create stress and lower productivity, which only diminishes motivation. For this matter, various helpful resources may be in handy.

Methods of teaching

It’s quite obvious that it’s necessary to create a diverse teaching system to keep students motivated. It will enable them to be more engaged in the learning process and show high performance in studying. Educators should be very responsible when preparing for the curriculum or creating the class. Applying different approaches during the classes will be very beneficial for developing students’ creativity and the ability to switch activities. Avoiding monotonous tasks will allow them to think critically and not be bored in the process.

Teacher’s attitudes to a different teaching method can influence students’ engagement and participation. There are some cases when teachers provoke negative emotions from the students, such as fear or mistrust. Such emotions can build a barrier between a teacher and a student. An appropriate thing to do in this situation it’s to be open and trustworthy to each other. As for the teachers, they shouldn’t show more interest in some students neglecting others, because it won’t help the latter ones in their performance. It’s important to emphasize that only kindness and a positive attitude will solve the problem and create the best possible environment for students to develop their performance.

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