The Friendliest Dog Breeds

Have you ever had a dog as a pet? If so, you’re likely familiar with their outgoing and amiable nature. Regardless of their breed, dogs prove to be the most loyal and faithful companions one could ask for. However, it’s essential to take into account the specific traits of each breed to ensure your pet remains well-behaved and sociable toward everyone. This is especially crucial for households with children, as you’d naturally prefer the pet to be a friendly companion for your child, rather than a foe.

Check out the list of the friendliest and cuddliest dog breeds you can consider getting for your family.


If you have always been looking for the kindest, most smiling, and friendly dog, Beagle, is the breed you should focus on. Although they are originally bred as hunting dogs, they remain to be the best companions, irrespective of where you go. Beagles are the most easygoing family members that will never leave you bored or sad.

Border Collie

While Beagles are friendly and still peaceful and calm animals, Border Collie is the complete opposite, as you will not have a minute rest. It is the top match for families who have hyperactive kids. At the same time, it is important to mention that Border Collies are exceptionally smart and obedient. Additionally, they are easy to train.


Are you looking for a loyal, friendly, and fun-loving pet? Boxer may become your variant, as this is the dog breed that will never leave you indifferent. Besides, it is inevitable to highlight that Boxers are considered to be watchdogs that will take care of babies, entertain toddlers and keep children busy.

Boston Terrier

Irrespective of the small size, Boston Terrier has a unique personality. It is challenging, near impossible, not to become friends with this dog, as it is one of the most sociable and friendly breeds ever. If Boston Terrier meets new people, it will never miss an opportunity to interact with them.

Golden Retriever

According to the statistics, it is one of the most popular breeds not only around the US but around the world. Golden Retrievers are widely appreciated for their kindness, friendliness, love, and loyalty. Thus, if your family misses another member, it may be the top choice.


Have you ever seen the Bulldog? It is complicated to believe that this animal is kind and friendly. However, it is inevitable to remember that appearances are deceptive. Bulldogs are generally easygoing and happy pets that will make your days funny and extraordinary.


The slow and lazy dog breed has never been considered furious or unfriendly. Instead, this dog breed is appreciated for its kind and affectionate nature. Pugs are never bored of cuddles and scratches.


Searching the web, you will find the list of the friendliest and the most affectionate dogs, with Poodle being at the top. It is indispensable to mention that it is a personal pet for families whose members are allergic to dog fur.

Shih Tzu

You will not find a better companion and cuddler than Shih Tzu. These dogs are ultimately sociable, obedient, and patient, so they do well with both children and adults.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Apart from the funny and impressive appearance, Corgis are characterized by an affectionate and energetic personality, appreciated by their owners. You will never be bored or sad when the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is around.


What is the most gentle and loving sporting dog? There is hardly any other pet that will make your family more excited and happier than Vizsla. If you happen to set the bond with the furry friend, it will last long.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

At first glance, it is a furious and angry dog breed that has nothing to do with kindness and love. Nonetheless, irrespective of the tough appearance, Staffordshire Bull Terrier has a gentle, patient, and friendly personality. Moreover, these pets are full of energy, playful, and active.


Browsing the list of the friendliest dog breeds, you will be impressed to see Newfoundland here. However, it is a gentle giant, which may become the sweetest and the most patient friend for you and your kids. The breed has gained the popularity of excellent nannies for little kids.


There is hardly any other dog breed that is more sociable and cuddlier than Havanese. These animals can adapt to any situation and circumstance if their family is around. Havanese love attention and cannot imagine their days without interaction with people.

Once you are 100% sure you want to get a beagle or a border collie, for instance, you should be ready not only to play with the pet but also to fulfill its basic needs. Search the web to investigate the most beneficial and effective tips on how to clean your dog, brush it, clip nails, and accomplish other procedures. Additionally, make sure you purchase good wet puppy food and select delicious treats your fluffy friend is excited about. Protection Status
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