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No matter you’re a family man with a recently broken lawn mower or a professional electrician, welding is a must-to-do action. And the must-to-have item you need on purpose is the best MIG welder around.

But as always, when you’re out there in the market, there are hundreds of products and brands to confuse your buying intention. But what if an expert on welding take over by then?

In this article, we’ve done exactly that for you.

We’ve got a highly researched out list of best MIG welder reviews that are of home use, and some of the more serious use as well. Go through the list and hope you’ll end up with the best welder ever!a

Before getting into deep into reviews, use this comparison table to have a bird’s eye view-

1 of ​9 Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder Review

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Product Overview:

Not every welder would give you a wide access to use it for every purpose. One of the very few of them is the Lincoln Electric K2185-1. Thanks to Lincoln Electric for providing us such an amazing mix of real-time features.

The most surprising fact about it is, it has an ability to weld thick to thicker materials with just 110V of voltage input. Besides, it’s a light weight MIG welder for users like you and me, who would use it for repair and hobby projects on the garage.

An 8 ft long welder power cable, gas and regulator hose, 0.035 welding diameter and a super responsive control over itself. Too many experts(we included), this is the best MIG-ready welder within budget.

We’ve gone through many other 110V units, but none of them seemed to be as budget-friendly as this one.


  • checkThick MIG and materials are ready to be welded.
  • check100% the USA made.
  • checkBest suited for household and semi-professional use.
  • check115V and 20 amp outlet required.
  • checkCable and clamp provided.


  • Not for the highly serious professional move.
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3 of ​9 GoplusMIG 130 Welder Review

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Product Overview:

Low price always brings on poor qualities in action, right? No, not always right. The example that I’m about to show is a solid example of such exceptions. And it’s the best 110v MIG welder of the list.

It’s the GoplusMIG 130 Welder, the #3 ranked product from GoPlus. Because it’s made of stainless steel, it can certainly undertake MIG and other solid materials. It had the universal flux core and self releasing metal inert gas. So, no chance of getting the welded place oxidized so soon.

In addition, the design is made to be extremely light in weight. Four different control settings will let you chose any voltage of welding. No matter you’re thinking of using it for household or professional uses, the Goplus MIG 130 Welder will always put a smile on the face.


  • checkA smart welder made for the household.
  • checkCompletely stainless steel made body.
  • check4 different settings of welding.
  • checkHeat dissipation prevented through two air vents.
  • checkEasy to carry around.


  • A couple of new speed controller was necessary.
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4 of ​9 Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC Flux Core Welder Review

Product Overview:

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We call it a best MIG welder for beginner, but Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC Flux Core Welder is actually some more than that. Because it doesn’t require any sort of shielding gas like any other MIG welder does.

You can also use it as a flux core welding machine and a wire feed welding machine. No matter which name you pick, Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC Flux Core Welder is a masterpiece in the industry, and our #4 as well.

For DIY welding, you can turn your plans into actions right away. It’s particularly designed for novice welders who’re about to do their first few projects. You can be professional with this welder as it’s a 125 amp, 120V welder that intakes both 2# and 10# wire spools.


  • checkBest fit for the gas less the flux of cold welding.
  • checkCan weld up to 24 gauges till ¼ inch.
  • check120V voltage input and 125 amp output.
  • checkWorks with 2# and 10# pound spools.
  • checkA right kit for beginners.


  • A bit higher in price than what it should be.
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5 of ​9 Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder Review

Product Overview:

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Professional electricians or handymen often have to deal with dual voltage situations where the power comes from either an 120V or sometimes from a 230V source as well. To tackle such situations, the best welding companion would be Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder, our #5 ranked best MIG welder for the money.

With a rich set of features, this product from Hobart stands out from the crowd. A high welding capability of 3/8 inches of steel in a single turn, and 7 different variation in voltage will help you to get your best precision. Where it has dial duty cycle of 115V and 230V, it can interchange between these modes with just glimpse.

We’re highly positive about the real-time features of this welder. Hope such happens to you as well!


  • check115V and 230V dual voltage.
  • check7 voltage variations.
  • check3/8 inches steel welding at stretch.
  • checkMVP plug for easy setup.
  • checkEasy and quick shifting between modes.


  • No spool gun included.
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6 of ​9 Amico Power DC Welding Machine1 Review

Product Overview:

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If you have a plan of keeping your house electronic plan consistent(120V or 230V), then we’ve got a handful of welder models in this list. But in case you have to deal with both voltage, Amico Power DC Welding Machine1 is there for you.

It’s a dual voltage input welder than delivers it’s output at 20amp. It’s a ready-to-weld device, where you have to add the electrodes only. With the LED meter provided, you can have full control over the amperage of the device. The entire machine is tested to be a heavy weight one for both personal and professional purpose. Also, it had been appreciated by users because of the least amount of maintenance that it offers. Overall, Amico Power DC Welding Machine1 will be one of our top big welder machines. We hope it impresses you equally.


  • check10 feet long cable.
  • checkQuick and fast installment.
  • checkReady to weld device with only electrodes provided.
  • checkBoth 115V and 230V voltage input.
  • check20A rated amperage output.


  • 16 pounds of weight seems to be quite bulky.
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7 of ​9 LOTOS MIG175 175AMP MIG Welder Review

Product Overview:

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Till now, we’ve seen our nest MIG welders to be multipurpose welders. But at #8, we’ve got something from Lotos Technology- the brand that’s dedicated only to MIG welding. To mask aluminum and solid wires, it’s hard to find any close competitor of LOTOS MIG175 175AMP MIG Welder. Let’s get some ideas on its other features as well-

The welding measure happens to be ¼ inches of stainless or mild steel. And for aluminum, the depth is 1/8 inches or thicker. Such welding is proved to be a durable and reliable assistant to your welding jobs. Especially, when it comes to MIG welding, the spool enabled LOTOS MIG175 175AMP MIG Welder is a masterpiece. Because of being powered by Lotos Advanced technology, it can do a lot with the spool gun. Also, this MIG175 can be connected to any 220V wall outlet.


  • check220V input and 175A output.
  • checkDual frequency support of 50 to 60 Hertz.
  • checkBest works for stainless and mild steel, and aluminum.
  • check¼ inches of cutting depth(steel).
  • checkVery easy to set up within 10 minutes only.


  • Works only with 220V voltage outlet.
  • A bit pricey.
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8 of ​9 ARKSEN MIG-130 Welding Machine Review

Product Overview:

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At this point of the review, we’ve got a ready-to-serve MIG welder that suits best for household purposes. ARKSEN MIG-130 Welding Machine is our pick at #9, and it’s one of the cheapest MIG gas welders. So, if you have plans to use it quite occasionally for the household purpose, we highly recommend you to go with this model from ARKSEN.

This welder with flux cored wire can release metal electrodes by itself. The self-releasing inert gas will get right into a perfectly oxidation-free welding of your metal job. If you want, the welding speed can be adjusted to 10 different levels of speed.

The machine is a portable and light weight to carry around. For general repairing works of normal steel and iron devices, ARKSEN MIG-130 Welding Machine would be a great choice in the budget. the Again, this is the most pocket-friendly model of the entire list.


  • checkConvenient and flux cored writing system.
  • check100% oxidation-free welding.
  • check10 different adjustable levels.
  • checkPortable and can be taken anywhere.
  • checkTo air ventilation to prevent heat dissipation.


  • Works only with 115V single phase voltage.
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9 of ​9 Lotos MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder Review

Product Overview:

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Therefore, we are at the bottom of the list and as the last pick of best MIG welder for the money, LotosMIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder is here. It’s a model from quite a few years back, but if you need to have a household well with a variety of speed, this product MIGht be a good fit.

The best part of the feature list of this product is, it has a great air flow capacity of 0.42 cubic feet per minute. You don’t need almost any additional assembly as you get the box. It’s a plug-n-play welder that gives a maximum output of 140 amp. Another good part of this product is, it can go with variable speed dial.

Except for the highly estimated price, we loved every bit of Lotos MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder.


  • check0.42 cubic feet per minute air flow.
  • checkComes with a long hose wire.
  • checkNo assembly required.
  • checkWorks for both metal and plastic.
  • checkVariable speed with the speed dial.
  • check110V input and 140amop output.


  • Excessively high price.
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Best MIG Welder Buying Guide in 2020

You know what’s the main difference between a good MIG welder and a bad MIG welder is? It’s nothing but the ease of use. But when you are buying your first welder, how would you know about this?Well, here is our exclusive buying guide on that

  • The Power of the Welder

The power matters a lot when we have to decide welders for hone or industrial purpose. If you’re a person who has occasional welding jobs right in your garage or workshop, you should go for low power welders such as a 115V one. However, if you have to jump to an industrial use of welder, you need to get a ton of power in it. A good option is to choose between 120V to 230V welders. And in order to get started, you need to have a higher voltage of electricity supply as well. So, make sure that your MIG welder is plunging into a point of higher voltage. You can use digital multimeter to test the voltage.

  • Does It Have A Spool Gun or Not?

If you’re dealing with welding aluminum, you may have a common scenario of jammed MIG torch, as you have to feed it from the wore feeder. But if you attach a spool gun right in the torch, wire will come out throughthe torch in a way that it avoids jam.Also, when you will be using a spool gun, make sure you’ve held the wire a few inches away from the job.

  • Does It Cause Thermal Overload?

There is a technical term named ‘The Duty Cycle” which determines something important of a MiG welder. Say you have a welder with a 10 minutes of welding cycle. If it is labeled so, you must not use it for more than 10 minutes at stretch. The higher the cycle is, the longer you can weld with it. Most of the welders that has higher (60% or more), are used in industrial and professional purposes.

  • The Thickness and Sizes of the Wire of Weld

As you know, there is a welding wire in each of this welder. The thickness of this very part plays a wide impact on the game. Let me give you some ides from the AWS classification of wires, there are two kinds of them. The ER70S-3 and the ER70S-3. The first one is used widely for almost all kinds of welding jobs in a general sense. The second type of wire is used when deoxidizers are used in a high amount for the welding job. This happens in case when you have to weld dirty or rusty surfaces. However, one misconception about type of wires that we use is, this variation disinfests what kind of welder you should be using. But that’s not right at all! The type of wire decides type of welder machine you have to use. But that’s not entirely truer! The sizing of preferred wire only what type of wires you gave to put at the top of the welder.

  • How Hard It Is with Maintenance

Another important fact is, you have to do a lot of maintenance with a home or professional grade MIG welder. So, if you can, be more concern about this fact and chose a model that requires minimum amount of maintenance. Now there is no straight answers of which model will require which amount of maintenance. All you can do is to keep an eye of the reputation and the brand value of a model. You can go through some of the reviews and checkout the previous kind of problems that people have faced with it before.

However, to give you an initial hand, here are some of the reputed brands that produces models that asks almost no maintenance, if used in a right way Hobart, Everlast, Miller, Lincoln etc.

How to Check If Your MIG Welder is Good or Not?

Here is a quick checklist of a good MIG welder. If you’ve decided to buy a particular one, make sure that the model checks most of the boxes of this quality chart.

  • As MIG welders are sensitive electric items, they are very likely to malfunction quite often. So, make sure that the manufacture provides proper warranty for a good span of time.
  • The amperage of the machine matters a lot. A 110V MIG welder can weld up to a depth of 3/16 inches. If you increase the power to 220V, it can go for a welding job of ½ inches.
  • If you’re buyinga hobby sized welder, you should have clear idea on how much it can do. If you can establish a connection between your estimated workloadand the welder’s capacity, then you might have a good quality welder machine.
  • The place where the welder is made is also a good point of consideration. With low price, you get low and mid end welders that are mostly made in China or Eastern Europe. They are okay with the performance, but when it comes wo heavy workloads with tons of regular welding jobs, you need to get a better one. Typically, better and stronger welders come with better electronics.

Bottom Line:

Thanks for being till the very bottom of the list. We’ve tried our level best to research up the real-time features of each of these products. And thanks to our product research team, they’ve picked up products from every voltage input systems, and every price ranges. So, it would be easiest ever to choose the best MIG welder for home use and professional use as well.

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