How To Make Friends With Your Cat

If you’ve ever been a cat owner, you’ll understand that certain pets are more sociable than the rest. Yet, the combination of love, attention, tenderness, and perseverance can utterly transform any creature’s demeanor. Therefore, it’s crucial to put in the work to grasp your cat’s behavioral tendencies, which will help improve your relationship and bond with your furry friend.

At this point, it is vital to mention that some felines feel 100% confident and comfortable approaching strangers, asking for a fuss. Nonetheless, others may be completely afraid of new people. So, how is it possible to make friends with the cat fast and easily? Follow simple guidelines to set a strong bond with your pet and make sure your relations are built on mutual trust, love and affection.

Top 10 Rules on How to Make Friends with Your Feline

Unlike dogs, cats are more demanding and exacting, requiring much more attention and time. So, getting a feline friend, you should be ready to spend extra effort and patience training the pet, playing with it, and spending quality time together. Here are simple tips that will help you achieve the desired results.

  • Do not force the animal. This is the first, and the most important rule feline owners should mind and follow. It is essential to do everything on their terms, forcing no affection, love, and attention. If your pet feels stressed and not ready to interact with you, there is no need to make it play, do the tricks, walk or accomplish any other tasks. Instead, give the cat some time to calm down and approach you first.
  • Be quiet. People can sometimes be frightening for cats, especially when they are towering over them. Thus, it is preferable to sit down on the floor every time you want to play with the pet. Additionally, it is indispensable to remember that loud noises can make your pet scared and overwhelmed. Avoid sudden movements and other actions that can be confusing and frightening.
  • Do not touch the tummy. The moment cats start trusting you, they may roll over on the back, showing the tummy. Nonetheless, there is no need to touch it, as felines may view it as a sign of betrayal. Instead, wait until the cat comes to cuddle with you, which will signal its readiness to be a pet.
  • Organize quality playtime. Some cats are too lazy for long walks and active games, but the owner should adjust the activities to keep the furry child happy and entertained. There is no need to play with the ball if your car is not fond of running. Instead, you can take a feather and enjoy a small but interesting activity.
  • Purchase delicious treats. Nothing else will show your affection more than a portion of delicious food. According to the Tiny Tiger cat food reviews, even the smallest treat can cause impressive effects, contributing to your relations with your pet. If you have already purchased the treat, do not store it till a better time, but share it with the cat right away.
  • Take care of the cats’ health. Regular vet visits are indispensable, as they are halfway to the excellent health and wellness of your furry friend. Additionally, it is inevitable to be attentive to special signs your feline shows you. Learn to determine the needs of the animal and understand when it is happy, sad, painful, or scared.
  • Make a customized bed. A comfortable bed is another sign of love and care your cat will surely appreciate. Additionally, the feline owner should equip numerous places for easy rest and naps.
  • Scoop the poop. There is hardly any pet who loves a dirty box. Thus, scooping the poop, you will influence your relations, making friends with your fluffy animal. Clean the box regularly to help your cat feel comfortable anytime.
  • Do not make the furry friend jealous. Your attitude to other animals can influence your relations. You definitely do not want your feline to feel jealous, so you should avoid interaction with other pets.
  • Protect your pet. Finally, maximum affection and gentleness are the most important signs for your pet that will make it trust you and rely on you. This point is exceptionally important for families who have children, and cats are susceptible to their attacks.

Cat Friendship Rules

  • Cats feature sensitive ears, so you should avoid loud music and scary noises
  • Felines do not usually do well with strangers, so give them some time to get used to new people.
  • Do not be aggressive and abusive towards your pet, as the single activity can completely ruin your relations
  • Feeding and cleaning are the most important factors that can build the bond between you
  • Make sure your pet always has fresh water
  • Make maximum efforts for your feline friend to feel loved and appreciated. Protection Status
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