Best Massage Chair Reviews in 2024

best massage chair reviews

Massage therapy is a practice with origins that stretch back about 5,000 years. Ancient peoples employed various techniques for massage therapy. The majority of individuals turn to massage therapy to alleviate a range of health issues, finding relief from pain and a reduction in stress through the process. Massage therapy offers a rejuvenation of the entire body, providing relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression. It boasts a lengthy history of health benefits across the globe. However, seeking out a professional masseuse or regularly visiting a spa for massages can be a challenging endeavor.

The latest technology has developed in a brilliant way that it has an innovative idea for this problem. The massage chair is an innovative device designed to give you massage experience to relax and relieve you at your own home. There are thousands of health benefits in which your whole body gets a professional massage and gives you peaceful expression.

Massage chairs give you a kind of luxurious relaxation and perfect massage feeling. If you are planning to purchase a massage chair, you need to consider many factors. There are many models available in the current market. Choosing the best massage chair is a pretty tough task and you need to take care of many things. Here is the buying guide which explains you everything about massage chairs and top five best massage chairs for you.

Top 5 Best Massage Chair Reviews In 2024:

Selecting the best massage chair from hundreds of different models available in the market is a very tough task. As you have seen in the buying guide, you have to consider many factors to select the best one. To select the one with all kind of qualities is not very easy. To save you from this problem, we have selected top five best massage chairs just for you! You can see the market's top 5 massage tables. Click here to see the ï»żï»żï»żï»żbest massage tables

1. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair:

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Shiatsu massage chair is designed with the latest technology and have updated design, features, and functions. It comes in the first position of our list because of its ultimate design and functionality. This chair has 30 air bags built in heat roller system which can make you feel relaxed instantly. Getting a massage from this chair feels like heaven and reduces fatigue. It rejuvenates whole body and mind. It promotes blood circulation and gives whole body professional massage. Here are some more exciting features about this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • The whole design is flexible and well designed to fit your body.
  • Massage heads are specially designed with tsubo points on the neck which relieves all the stress from the head.
  • 20 air bags are located in the lower body which gives legs, thighs, and butt a nice massage. It increases blood circulation.
  • The feature of compression and percussion improves mobility, flexibility, and posture of the legs.
  • Designed with double layered air bags.


  • Best design
  • Rejuvenates whole body and mind.
  • Easy to use.
  • Reduces fatigue.


  • Issues with the remote controller.

2. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair :

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If you are looking for the best massage chair with versatile features, then this chair is for you. Kahuna massage chair is an L-track frame structure chair which consists of 4 rollers and air cell massage system. It gives wonderful massages on your arms, waist, hip, and shoulders. The latest feature of L-track system supports your neck to back and works all the way to buttocks. This position is especially recommended by experts to reduce stress on the spine and increases the effect of massage.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed with L-track massage system.-consists of 4 rollers
  • Consists of three zero gravity positions.
  • Computerized body scan feature scans your body size automatically and gives you customized body massage.
  • Designed with dual foot rollers
  • Designed with manual massage techniques.
  • Heating therapy works on lower back and legs.


  • Durable.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Gives customized body massage.
  • Gives you relief.


  • Issues with the remote controller.

3. ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built in Heat Zero Gravity:

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Shiatsu chair comes in the third position of our list and has all the features to serve you the best. It is designed with automatic mode and gives you a multi functional massage. It consists of spin rolling feature and vibrating feature. This chair has features of manual mode in which you can adjust the intensity, airbags, and speed of the massage session. It is very easy and comfortable to use. Here are more features about this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Consists Four auto programs
  • Designed with zero gravity position
  • Consists of six stimulating kneading balls which give your feet a good massage.


  • Offers good massage.


  • Issues with tubes.

4. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu  Best Massage Chair:

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Shiatsu massage chair is designed with a unique feature of 35 air bags places all over the chair which massages you very gently. Getting a massage from this chair gives you great relaxation and wonderful massage experience. For taller people, it has customized feature of extended footrests in which they can rest happily. It is made up of high-quality leather which is very soft and comfortable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rollers massage to foot.
  • Designed with advanced high definition VFD display screen in which you can monetize the process of massage.
  • Designed with 4 preset auto massage programs which give you different massages.
  • A heater is built inside of the seat for improved blood circulation and metabolism.
  • Designed with zero gravity to relax you physically and mentally.
  • Extended footrests
  • Designed with 8 massage points to relax you from head to toe.


  • Consists of 8 massage points.
  • Extended footrests.


  • Issues with right spot.

5. iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair:

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I joy massage chair gives you a real joy and comfortable massage which fits your body. With this chair, you can customize your own massage style with the help of three back massage program. It consists of professional massage rolling, compression, kneading and percussion which enhance your massage feeling. The most special feature is it has advanced human touch massage system which completely gives you relief from tension, pain, and fatigue.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed with Built in control panel by which you can personalize the massage process and you can control the type of massage with your fingertips
  • Designed with built in power outlet.
  • Consists of removable massage softening pad to control your massage intensity.
  • Designed with power recline.
  • Consists of automated massage system.


  • Easy to use.
  • Personalize massage system.


  • The chair is too low.

Best Massage Chair Buying Guideline:

Full-Body Massage Chairs

Purchasing the best massage chair is a major decision and impacts on many things. Many people commit a mistake while choosing a massage chair and always goes for the one which never works or dies within two months. To avoid this problem, you need to go through this list of ideal qualities in the best massage chair.

1. How did we pick?

To pick the best massage chairs from the thousands of models, we have done 100 hours of ultimate research with our expert team. In the time of our research, we have conducted series of tests, spoke to experts, experienced different massage techniques and selected with care. Massage chairs are the devices which show a huge impact on your health.

If the design is best and technique is correct it will give you relaxation if not, it will hurt you lot. Also, investing in the wrong massage chair is a waste of your time and money. In our research, we have collected a series of best qualities of the best massage chairs. Here are the ideal qualities of the best massage chairs.

  • Know Your Priorities: 

Before purchasing your own massage chair, you need to know all your needs and what you are expecting from that robotic device. After you had identified all your needs, you can select according to the list and choose the one which suits all your needs. Based on your needs, different brands are offering different models to match your requirements. Make sure to check your health condition and your body type. You have to focus on your priorities to select the best one.

  • Design:

A massage chair is a machine that stays with you for a very long time. Make sure to check the design and color of the massage chair. Choose the best color and design which suits your house decor. Also, the massage chair should be well designed and made up of high-quality material. The design of your massage shows your taste and luxurious choice. Always choose the best one. Consider size and weight of the massage chair. Make sure that the chair fits in your home without any discomfort. Place the chair in a free space and enjoy the massage sessions.

  • Massage coverage:

Massage coverage is the feature in massage chairs which explains targeted areas. Different types of massage chairs consist of different massage coverage. Few massage chairs work on the whole body, some work on shoulders, neck, and thighs, some work on certain target areas. Entire body massage chairs work on the whole body and focus on all your body. All the products in our list work from your head to toe and give you professional massage.

  • Massage styles:

Massage chairs are designed with different massage styles. Shiatsu is a massage style which means an aggressive massage. It is a Japanese massage technique in which pressure points work on deeper tissues and gives you relaxation. Rolling massage gives you up and down massage all over your spine in which it reduces pressure in the spine and gives you relief. Kneading is a massage technique in which rollers move in circular motion and massages pressure points. This kind of massage improves blood circulation and improves your health. Few chairs come with all these techniques as a combination and work wonderfully. All the products in our list have all these techniques and they give you the perfect massage.

  • Customization:

A customization is an option available in latest models of massage chairs in which you can customize your personal massage session with your own needs and preferences. It helps you to enhance the massage intensity in certain body zones and you can choose your favorite massage type. You can adjust intensity, speed and type of massage by this option.

  • Massage Positions:

There are different types of massage positions featured in the massage chairs. Few massage chairs have L shaped position in which you have to sit in L shape. In some chairs, you can completely rest in the rest position. Some massage chairs offer leg and foot massages, some chairs offers arm and wrist massages. Advanced massage chairs have multiple benefits and you can feel the best after the massage session. Lie down comfortably on the massage chair and enjoy the massage.

  • Massage Rollers:

Massage rollers are the rollers inside the massage chair in which you can get circulation massage. There are different ranges of rollers. If you need high-pressure massage choose the one with high rollers. You can select the rollers based on your height and body size.

  • Massage Airbags:

Massage airbags are the most important parts of massage chair which offer powerful massage for your body and gives you relief from all the tensions. It reduces stiffness in back, legs, sizes and body zones. Airbags deliver pressurized air on to the targeted body zone and stimulate the blood flow.

  • Massage Chair Material:

Best Massage chairs are made up of leather and synthetic leather. Massage chairs must be made up of high-quality leather to give user very soft, smooth and comfortable feeling. The leather used in the making of massage chair should feel like a soft cloud that adds soothing feeling to a whole massage session. Massage chairs made up of real leather needs good maintenance and they last for a long time. You need to take good care of real leather because it may break and crack in low Maintenance.

  • Heated Massage:

Heated massage gives you infrared heat to improve the circulation and relaxation to your muscles. You can choose this option if you would like to add warmth to your massage session.

  • Massage Intensity:

The intensity of the massage may vary depending upon the type of massage chair. You can customize the intensity and pressure of the massage in our massage chairs. Based on your needs, you can change the level of intensity. Intensity also depends upon the power of a motor.

  • Vibrations:

The surface of the massage chair creates a wave of vibrations to work on your body. Few models work by creating vibrations that give you relaxation.

  • Massage Chair Recliners:

Massage chairs work as reclines and offer you zero gravity position. Zero gravity position is a massage position in which you can completely free from gravity and get huge relaxation for your body. Zero gravity position gives you deeper massage experience and gives you a great feeling.

  • Remote controller:

Remote control allows you to change the massage styles, positions, and techniques based on your needs. You can customize your massage session on your finger tips. Also, you can see the massage type in the high display screen in some massage chairs and you can easily analyze the massage therapy.

2. Reasons to trust us:

In our process of selecting the best massage chair, we have gone through a difficult journey. We have read many books about body types, massage techniques, the way massage chairs works, different kinds of benefits by messages and researched a lot of information. We have spoken to manufacturers of different brands and learned about the way they construct the best one. We have talked to experts in relative fields and got to know all their opinions on the top massage chairs in the current market.

We have also contacted engineers in this field and learned about the best-designed massage chair. We have also carefully inspected pros and cons of the best massage chairs. We know that investing in the massage chair is a huge investment and you need life time commitment. So, we have carefully inspected everything. All the products in our list are of high quality, gives you the best massage, have positive reviews, got the high satisfaction rate and the best in all terms.

3. How we tested?

To select the best massage chair, we have conducted series of tests on the different models of massage chairs. We have chosen top thirty massage chairs present in the current market and carefully filtered them based on our buying guide. At last, we had five best massage chairs and took them into our laboratory.

We have selected few college students with health related issues, anxiety and stress. We make them sit in the massage chair for 1 hour and took a report on their personal experience. We tested their health levels before and after the massage. We have monitored their heart beat and brain waves. They were very happy and got relief after the massage.

These chairs give most professional massages and clear all the health problems. We are satisfied with the results and finalized them as top five best massage chairs.

4. Why you should get this:

Massage chairs improve your blood circulation and increase your immunity system. Blood carries minerals, oxygen, nutrients, and vitamins to all the parts of our body Good blood circulation increases your health levels and gives you healthy body. Massage chairs decrease tension in your muscle tension and relax your muscles. Massage chairs decrease stress, depression, and anxiety. After a long day, you can happily relax in this chair and forget all your tensions. Massage chairs reduce levels of endorphins to give you relief from pain and stress.

Sitting in the massage chairs gives you a good posture and you can sit in right position. It loosens up your muscles and let you relax easily. Massage chairs improve your digestive system and you can feel better. It improves your spinal alignment and gives you a good body. Whole professional massage gives you rejuvenated and relaxed body. As massage chairs have these many health benefits you must get a massage chair for your health and happiness.

5. Care and maintenance:

Take a good care of your massage chair. Make sure to use it with care and check the surface of the chair for any damages frequently. Massage chairs are something you need to use for a very long time. To increase the durability you need to take some care.

Best Massage Chairs Video:


Here are the top five best massage chair selected after ultimate testing. Massage is something you need to get to be relaxed. These massage chairs relax all the stress, pain and give you relief from all your problems. Getting one of these chairs saves you from regular spa appointments and gives you a wonderful massage at home. Make sure to choose the best one to serve all your massage needs.

Now it is your time to select the best one based on your needs and personal requirements. Happy Shopping! Protection Status
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