What Is Zero Gravity Position?

Gravity is the force that draws us toward the Earth's core. It's the reason we're able to walk on the ground rather than drift through the air. We're all familiar with gravity and its effects.

The reason why you are reading this article is that you want to know what is zero gravity position. Apart from pulling us towards the ground, it also plays a big role in our day to day life. Did you know that it also affects our sleep? It certainly has its way of benefiting us in more than one way. But it also has its drawbacks.

First, let’s explain what zero gravity position actually is.

The Zero Gravity Position:

The zero gravity position

This position is a term used by NASA, for astronauts to relieve stress on their body when they take off into space. This position was developed to reduce the additional force of gravity during liftoff.

A common misconception is that this position is used by the astronauts during their sleep. But the truth is, this is the seating position they use during their liftoff.

This position is known as Zero Gravity Position. It evenly distributes the force and stress across your whole body. That is why relaxing or sleeping in a zero gravity position results in a much better and comfortable sleeping experience.

This position is achieved by lying on your back and keeping your head and legs above your stomach. This position is also helpful for a short term snooze or relaxing in the afternoon.

This position is scientifically proved to reduce lower back pain. That is why it so popular in the health care industry.

Manufacturers mimic this position for making household products for average consumers.

Benefits Of Zero Gravity Position:

 zero gravity position

Improved Heart Condition:

A poor, unaligned relaxing posture actually puts pressure on the heart. This is why relaxing in a zero-gravity position allows better blood flow throughout your body. This is also a great way to take the extra pressure of your heart that is caused by gravity.

Reduce Lower Back pain:

This is the most common reason why people chose zero gravity chairs. The position actually reduces lower back pain. This takes the pressure off your lower back and provides an optimal blood flow.

Improved Breathing:

Did you know that lying flat on your belly actually hampers breathing? For people with apnea or asthma lying on a flat surface makes it more difficult to breathe. Relaxing on zero gravity positioned furniture opens up the airways and makes it easy to breathe.

Relax Sore Muscles:

This position evenly distributes your blood flow. The brain nerves work smoothly which aids in pain relief. This is why this position is preferred by the doctors.

Achieves Natural Position:

zero gravity position by NASA

The human spine has an S shaped curve. The spine is divided into 3 main categories. Neck, Upper back and lower back. When there is no pressure on any of these curves, then it is called natural position. This position is the ideal posture for relaxing.

By using zero gravity position, we achieve this natural position. The gravitational forces don’t affect the spines in this position. Because of this, the zero gravity position reduces muscle and joint pains dramatically.

This position was developed by NASA, and this is the primary reason why people know why this position is so beneficial to us. This position supports all parts of the body equally. This is why whenever you relax or sleep in a zero-gravity position, you wake up more refreshed than ever.

This position is perfect for reading, surfing the net, watching tv etc. This position is used by consumers not only for medical benefits but also for lifestyle benefits.

Massage chairs, recliners, beds that mimic this position is becoming more popular by the day. Many people are looking for zero gravity position furniture to improve their lifestyle. Not only they get to relax but also spice up their interior with them.

Final Thoughts:

So far you know what is zero gravity position. We have also talked about its benefits as well. If you are looking for a way to relax in this position and don’t know how. Then don’t worry, there are lots of zero gravity chair that you can buy. Hope this helps. Let us know how this position was beneficial to you in the comments below.

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