To enhance the appearance of your garden, consider constructing a garden fence gate.

Many people think that it is a very difficult task that will take months and therefore just fold the tree in the yard makes the appearance of the house worse and worse.

Certainly, a building of beautiful wooden fence with an arched gate is very simple task. And it will help bring your house in order.

I will tell you how to do it literally in one day.

How to build a garden fence gate?

How to build a garden fence gate

All work is a process of several steps of organization and construction. I suggest starting with the preparation of the place and the necessary tools.

Tools time

Before you get started, you need to imagine what your garden fence gate will be like. Perhaps it should be high, stunning, cheap, durable and quickly built.

  • Drill machine
  • Saw
  • Stainless steel drill bit (For more details visit ToolsInside.Com)
  • Wood
  • Pliers
  • Fastener / nail
  • Fence
  • Hammer
  • Cable
  •  And others necessary woodworking tools.

You will need a drill machine and a saw to cut out and install the required tree size and the semicircular top of the roof.

For different materials, you will need best stainless steel drill bits to drill a hole and building glue, because our gate must be strong.

Where to put a garden fence gate?

And measured?

Determining the location of the gate is an important step, all begins from this.

The location of the potential gate should be 1.22 meters, not more. However, if the fence gate has a larger opening, then you will need two gate wings, not one.

The gates must be square, and then they will be installed properly.

Strengthen the bases

As you remember, we are building a strong gate that will withstand any weather. For this, we need a base in the form of two pillars.

It is also an important step because incorrect installation of the pillars will cause the gate to outweigh in any direction. Therefore, the posts should be the same size as the fence.

In addition, the pillars must be firmly driven into the ground, as its light movement will hurt your gate at the first gusty wind.

If we take 1.22 m as the average size of our gates, then the pillar as the base will be 1.27 m x 1.27 m.

Door creation

Now let's move on to the one without which this construction would not make sense, we will make the gate.

First, we need to draw an approximate sketch of the future door with any decorations that you want to see there.

Cut a length of the frame of the required length and width with a drill. Additionally, cut two frames of the tree for joints (from above and from below), providing an optimum height.

Now install the frame to the frame smoothly. For strength add another wooden bar in the middle and diagonals and attach all this with the help of strong drill bits.

Do not forget to set the steel corners along the edges of the door and install them with drill bits for stainless steel.

By the way, for greater strength, you can also use building glue here. For example, when making an arch. You also cut it out with a saw addition of a drill like other details.

When the gate is ready, install a lock that will close the latch or something stronger. First, install test holes in which the latch will be installed.

Putting the gate and fence

The most exciting time is the connection between the gate and the fence. Here all the errors are revealed.

The gate must "hang" above the ground at a distance of 1.5 inches. Mark this distance on the wooden pillars - bases, so as not to be mistaken.

First, install the hinges to the frame. Using drill bits, attach the gate to the hinges on the poles.

Do it first from above, and then from below, holding the gate all the time. Of course, it will be better if someone will help you.

When you are done with the installation, close the gate and check how well it closes.


And the last point - use a brand new garden fence gate. I hope this task will take you no more than a day, and your garden will look fine. Protection Status
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