How To Use A Circular Saw Correctly

A circular saw is an electric-powered tool featuring a round, flat blade capable of slicing through materials such as metal, wood, plastic, etc., with the specific types of materials it can cut depending on the blade used. It is an excellent tool for builders, carpenters, and those renovating homes. It efficiently and smoothly cuts through nearly any material. One notable aspect of this tool is its portability, along with its availability in both AC and DC power options. This versatility allows it to be a valuable asset for both indoor and outdoor projects when it comes to material cutting.

An electrical circular machine comes with a handle to hold, a trigger button for off/on, and an arbor nut to keep the blade in place. Circular saws are very powerful machine and a wrong turn with it can lead you to serious injuries as well as it can waste your material. So, you need to know the right way to use the machine efficiently.

How to Use a Circular Saw

How to Use a Circular Saw

You must know how to use a circular saw correctly before start using it. Otherwise, you will end up with destroying the machine along with injuring yourself. Following the below guide will help you to use the circular saw perfectly:

Choose the Right Saw

There are different types of circular saw available on the market. You have to select the right one based on your materials. If you are going to do general woodworking then you can go for any standard circular saw. Besides, if you are going to work outside you may need to select a D.C. powered circular saw for working efficiently without any tension about the power supply. There is a lot of D.C. powered best mini circular saw available in the market.

Prepare Yourself

I have previously mentioned that the circular saw is a very powerful machine and you will need to be very careful in the time of working. Wear hearing protection, safety glasses, and gloves if they are available. Try to avoid low fitting clothes and if you have longer hair, tie them back. Be careful if you are using a wired A.C. circular saw else you may end up cutting the wire.

Do measurements

You must do some accurate measurement to ensure a smooth cutting of the materials. Unplug the blade and take a measurement of the material you are going to cut using the blade. Then set the blade based on the measurement. Always take 4 to 5 mm extra length of the blade to cut up to the last point perfectly.

Choose the Cutting Surface

Now set the material in workbench, sawhorse, or something similar to that. Never cut the material on the floor as it can break your floor. After that marks the place with a scale and pencil where you are going to cut and record the measurements.

Make up the Saw

Now you have to tune up the cutting depth and bevel angle of your circular saw based on the measurements. Lock the bevel and depth angle in the right place. Give a double check to make sure that everything is okay.

Prefer Cutting Space

An open space is required to cut smoothly with the circular saw. The place must have enough space to move the circular saw and your body from beginning to end. It will help you to cut the material accurately along with keeping yourself safe.

Make the Cut

Hold the machine with both hands and turn the power supply on. Turn on the blade of the circular saw by clicking on the lock button, releasing the button will stop the machine immediately.   Start cutting by pushing your circular saw lightly through the pencil mark and let it cut with the occupied speed. Do not lose attention from the marked guideline. Release the lock button when you are done and the blade will habitually back to the safety position.

End note

Circular saw can be tough to handle at the first time. However, following the above guide will help you to learn the function of a circular machine and cut safely and accurately with it. You will become a pro with the machine within a few days. So what are you waiting for? Go out, start cutting and makeup things. Protection Status
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