What Is A Zero Gravity Chair? Do Zero Gravity Chairs Work?

Let's cut to the chase. A zero gravity chair isn't a piece of furniture that breaks the rules of physics. Despite what its name might imply, suggesting it could hover in midair, the reality is quite different and it does not actually do that.

The reason why they are called “Zero Gravity Chair” is that people recline in a position that mimics the exact position of an astronaut during liftoff. You are not going to fly off to space though.

Now some of you may still be confused & may be wondering,  actually what is a zero gravity chair?

What is a zero gravity chair

Reason Behind The Name Zero Gravity Chair

The fact that they are called zero gravity chairs is because of the position the chair reclines. This is the shortest and simplest answer to this question. You are not going to hover over them nor are you going to fly off into the atmosphere.

You certainly won’t lose weight on this chair. In fact, these types of chairs usually weigh between 15 to 30 lbs. So, why do they call it to zero gravity chair?

Well, there is science behind this name and also because of the actual position it reclines. You know that astronauts endure intense gravitational force during takeoff because of the sudden increase in gravity.

This happens while the space ship tries to escape the earth’s gravitational pull. At that moment astronauts feel intense pressure and to reduce the intensity they position themselves in a way so that their body can handle the increase in stress.

What’s The Benefit Of This Position?


By reclining this way, the surface area of their body is increased. This also helps to distribute the stress across their body safely during takeoff.

Imagine a person that is standing and gravity is constantly pulling that person downward. The mass stores up in a single position and stress on the body increases over time.

By reclining in this position, the center of gravity is changed and the stress is focused at a single point of the body. This formula allows the astronauts to safely lift off into space without damaging their body.

This formula is used in their chairs during launch and since then it has been very popular among average people for the weightless feeling they get in their regular household furniture.

Zero Gravity Chairs | A Rising Popularity

The manufacturers used this method to create a replica of this position in an average consumer product. Since then, they are widely known as zero gravity chairs.

The simple form of zero gravity chairs is something like those chairs you are used to seeing in poolside or backyard of any home. They are lightweight, foldable and can recline in a zero gravity position with ease.

Now you might be wondering, why do we even need one of these? It’s not like we are going to space or something.

While that’s true that we are not going to space. But did you know that our bodies also constantly feel the stress of gravity? You may not realize it though because we are used to this force.

But over time, this builds up in our body and the most popular problem related to gravitational stress is “lower back pain”. While some of you might consider this as the result of incorrect seating position.

This actually is the reason of prolonged gravitational pull on our body. From time to time these increases and our bodies need to get rid of the stress.

This is where the zero gravity chairs come into play. The chair assumes the same position and while we recline on it, our weights are distributed across the chair.

The manufacturers also claim that this relieves the pressure of gravity from our body and allows for a more effective and deeper relaxing experience. They also claim that you’ll virtually feel weightless. Sometimes they do exaggerate about their claim, but we do feel a sense of relaxation and comfort.

After a long day of hard work, these chairs are the perfect relaxing partner. Some come with massage functionality while others just recline in a zero gravity position.

Final Thoughts

Hope this helps and you now know what is a zero gravity chair is and how they came to be. Despite all the claim of their benefits, they are really popular and they also have huge demands in a lot of economical places. They can be seen in offices too.

What do you think about them? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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