How a Backyard Garden Can Help You Build Stronger Roots in Your Community

It goes without saying that food scarcity is a global issue. Moreover, it’s likely there are individuals in your own neighborhood who would greatly appreciate the sharing of basic food items. Below are additional arguments for why establishing a garden in your backyard can deepen your connection with your local community.

How a Backyard Garden Can Help You Build Stronger Roots in Your Community

Benefits of starting your own backyard garden

To start with, it may be worthwhile exploring why starting your own backyard garden has become so attractive in the first place.

It helps to address food insecurity in your community

According to statistics, around twenty-three percent of the U.S. population will be experiencing food shortages in 2020. Growing your backyard garden can help to eliminate some of these food shortages by stimulating the growth of produce grown locally.

It teaches the youth the importance of giving back

If we are to eradicate poverty successfully, then it’s beneficial to teach the youth how to become proactive in combating societal issues such as hunger, poverty, and even racism.

It helps promotes leadership opportunities in the community

Communities tend to thrive even more under good leadership. And this couldn’t be even more true when community leaders stand together to reach shared objectives for the greater good of the community.

How a Backyard Garden Can Help You Build Stronger Roots in Your Community

How you can get involved

The brilliant part about starting your backyard or community garden is that practically anyone can do it. Here are a few simple pointers to help you get your backyard garden up and running.

  • Start with seeds instead of fledgling plants, as these tend to be more affordable to purchase than the latter.
  • Use what you have – or borrow basic gardening tools from your next-door neighbors. Furthermore, gardening equipment is not that expensive, if you’re just starting with essential gardening tools for beginners, that is.
  • Grow compost on your own. Since obtaining the right mix of soil fertilizer can be costly, you can opt to grow your own compost instead by utilizing compostable food by-products to make your soil even more nutritious.
  • Join volunteer organizations such as SNAP, Do Something, or Youth Service America to help play your part in eliminating hunger in poverty-stricken areas of the community.

Start your own nonprofit corporation

Or, you could consider taking your community efforts to the next level by starting your own nonprofit corporation. The benefits of going this route include better access to funding, tax exemption, more credibility to help you gain more public support in your endeavors, and more financial support from donors who would be more open to donating to such a worthy cause. Try to keep everything as budget-friendly as possible, but don’t skimp on important details like marketing. Fortunately, you can find ways to advertise your organization and its mission using free online resources to create marketing materials. For example, you can create your own flyer for fundraising events without spending a dime.

Find other ways to contribute

Of course, there are ways to contribute to uplifting the community while you get your backyard garden up and going. For example, you could start collecting by creating a blessing box for family and friends to contribute to in the meantime. Or you could:

  • Organize a fundraising event such as a car wash or a food drive where people can donate food items instead of money.
  • Write letters to your local newspaper or the media to help propel your efforts even further by making your efforts more widely known locally and internationally.

Starting a backyard is definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to enhancing the quality of life in your community. And the best part about it is that you can help spearhead your initiatives right from the start. Protection Status
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