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The zero gravity chair offers a sensation of being weightless, improving your relaxation experience. These recliners mimic the posture of an astronaut, aiding in the reduction of bodily stress. The primary reasons for their popularity are the comfort and support they deliver.

Zero gravity chairs are also known as anti gravity chairs which are specially crafted to illuminate zero gravity position. In zero gravity position, the user can feel relaxed from all the stress, muscle pain, spine ailments, and tensions. There are many different zero gravity chairs that are sold by competitive manufacturers in the market. But you need to be smarter to avoid cheap quality chair and choose the best quality chair. 

Lafuma zero gravity chairs are specially designed for those people who love to have the best outdoor furniture. Lafuma is one of the best furniture company and well known for its best quality outdoor furniture since 1954. Lafuma zero gravity chair is a perfect chair that comes with the combination of durability, high quality, comfort and best support. You need to read this Lafuma zero gravity chair reviews to know more about this best product.

Buying Guide

Learning about Zero gravity chairs is an interesting topic because there are a lot of things you need to know about them. In olden days, recliners are very simple in design and do not have many features. But now, zero gravity chairs are upgraded with numerous features that increase the comfort of the user. Here is the buying guide you need to go through to learn more about this product.

1. How did we pick:

The first step of choosing the best chair is research all the features and characteristics in detail. There are a lot of factors that impact the functionality of the zero gravity chair. We have done in depth research about each and every detail of the zero gravity chairs.

-Frame: The frame of the zero gravity chair must be powered coated with steel to provide rust and weather resistant. The frame should be very strong in nature and should provide comfort to the user.

-Best fit: The size of the chair is one of the main features to look for because if the size doesn't fit it can cause many issues. A perfect fit chair can offer you the best comfort and right support. The chair which is too long or too short can cause huge discomfort and may damage your spine. So, make sure that the zero gravity chair fits the best for you.

-Ease of Set Up: Obviously, the zero gravity chair must be easy to setup and easy to use. Most of the recliners come in a foldable design which can be folded away after usage. Also, lock system and other features should come with clear instructions which enable user to set everything quickly.

2. Reasons to trust us:

In order to pick the best zero gravity chair, our expert team has conducted intense research. First, we have spoken to manufacturers of outdoor and indoor furniture to learn about different designs and models of the zero gravity chairs. 

Next, we have read online reviews and customer opinions to know the features of the chairs. We have tried and tested all the features to ensure the quality of the product. We have contacted experts in the medical field to learn about the health benefits of zero gravity chairs. We have carefully analyzed everything and selected the product with all the best features.

3. Why you should get this:

Zero gravity chairs have multiple advantages and are highly recommended by the Doctors for the modern lifestyle. You can use the chair in any place like gardens, pool side, beaches, fishing and anywhere you go. It has both lounging and health benefits. Zero gravity position is invented by Nasa to provide the weightlessness feeling. It provides good relaxation, decreases stress and tension on the muscles.

4. How we tested:

In the process of testing the chair, we have raised our standards and regulations to conduct a tough test. We have taken the help of our expert team to analyze all the features of the chair. We have taken the chair for outdoor camping and invited some of the people to use the chair for some time. We have collected the results from them and asked them about how they felt. They are very happy with the lounging experience and satisfied with all the features.

5. Care and maintenance:

You need to place the chair in a safe place away from sharp objects. Always store the gravity chair inside of your home after usage. Wash the chair to avoid any fungus and dust.

Lafuma Futura gravity chair is the best recliner that offers you the best relaxation time. These chairs are well designed and suit perfectly for all your outdoor activities. You can get relaxed on this chairs wherever you go without any problem. The armrests are ergonomically designed to contour the arms of the user that provides maximum comfort. It is made up of Batyline fabric that lasts for a long time. It is designed to resist all kinds of weathers and protects the chair from UV radiation. 

This gravity chair comes with foot pads, head rest and foot rest ring that gives user best support. It is a foldable chair that helps you to carry it around anywhere you go. It is designed with clip suspension which locks your chair after adjusted to the perfect level. The design of this chair provides relaxation to your legs as they rest higher than your chest. This position reduces gravitational force on your body and provides you great rest.


-It is made up of Batyline fabric that makes this chair suitable for outdoors.

-It is very easy to adjust and you can get your own position based on your comfort levels.

-It is a foldable design which is easy to carry.

-Designed with ergonomic armrests that contours well.

-It is designed with XL size frame that perfect fit for everyone.

-The frame is coated with HLE steel


-Larger in size.

-Foldable design.


-Issues with the frame.

Lafuma Futura XL Zero Gravity Chair​ Video:



​After reading this Lafuma zero gravity chair reviews we hope you have got pretty good knowledge about the zero gravity recliners. Now it is your time to take this product to your home and enjoy your relaxation time.

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