7 Ways to Restore Your Old and Rusted Power Tools

Power tools are sturdy, yet they are subjected to wearing due to its excessive use or extreme weather conditions. Usually, these tools get rust and become less functional. Over time rusted tools become useless and find its place in the junk box. Fortunately, you can find out ways to refurbish your old tools and prevent it from becoming useless. Here are 7 ways on how to restore power tools.

1. Replace the damaged part

The best way to renew any old power tool is to find out the damaged part and replace it (if the replacement part is available). It will help in increasing the life of your tool in an inexpensive way. If your power tool comes from a reputed manufacturer, you are likely to find the replacement part that is damaged. Always check for irregularities and broken or damaged parts in your tool and get them replaced as soon as possible to reduce further damage to the tool.

2. Remove rust from bits and blades

Power tools that require bits and blades to function are subjected to wear over time. To renew your old tools, simply clean up the rusty bits and blades using a cleaning agent. You may also soak it in a rust remover and wipe it gently to get rid of the damaged layer. It will remove all the deposited rust from its surface and make them shine like new.

3. Check out for broken parts

If your tool has broken parts such as handles or knobs that are used to operate the tool, it can be fixed in an easy way. Simply look out for the same manufacturer of the tool and get a replacement. You may also make a custom handle for your broken hammer. Make sure the replaced part is as safe as original or it may cause injuries.

4. Get rid of corrosion

Probably there are no new tools that will match the performance of your old tools. This is because most old tools are heavy-duty and have a better quality as compared to new ones which are have compromised quality to match your budget. Corrosion can occur on the surface of a power tool as a result of excessive rusting.

Firstly, separate the corroded part from the tool. Cleaning will become easy if the corroded part is having a flat surface. A hand wire brush will be helpful in easily removing the corrosion from your precision tool.

5. Use abrasive sander for tough deposits

Sander is widely used in DIY carpentry tool to smooth surfaces. An abrasive disc sander of 100-grit can smoother out pitted surfaces in an easy and effective way. So if you have any part of the tool that appears to be severely corroded, use the disc sander to sand away the uneven surface to a smooth one.

6. Don't miss the frayed cord, belts, and brushes

It is extremely important to ensure safety after refurbishing your old and damaged power tool. For this, never forget to check out for damages to the cord. Usually, the power cord of an old power tool may get frayed at several places. Always check it out and get it repaired before using it again.

It is often seen that a power tool gets out of order due to the breaking of the belt. It can be easily replaced at a low cost while making your tool work as new. The brushes of the motor of a power tool are also subjected to damage with regular and extended use. Simply replacing the brushes can extend the life of your tool while increasing its functionality. These brushes are easily available and you can replace it yourself.

7. Ensure proper lubrication

The moving parts of your expensive power tools can get damaged if proper lubrication is not done at the right interval. So, if you are repairing any old tool that has moving parts, don't forget to lubricate it by applying a dry lubricator. Make sure you check and lubricate all the internal parts. Avoid applying grease to your tools as it attracts dirt and grime and damages the tool to a great extent.


Most often, old power tools have a strong built and can be refurbished, repaired or restored with a very little effort. All you need to do is thoroughly evaluate the condition of the damage caused to it and restore the damaged area. In case, you find any of your power tools completely useless or there is no way on how to restore power tools, it is best to dispose of it safely and send it for recycling.

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