How to Repair Leather Boots Sole

A variety of boots exist, such as leather boots, farm boots, military boots, logger boots, and more. Consistent use subjects these boots to considerable wear and tear, leading to weakened structures and damaged boot soles. However, today, we're specifically focusing on leather boots. We'll provide you with several helpful tips on how to mend leather boots.

There was a time when people use to go to repair shops for minor issues which were very time consuming and also waste of money, you can repair minor problems of boots all by yourself instead of wasting money on repair shops. Let’s get started

Repairing boots sole

As we said back, we put a lot of pressure on boots so losing the boot sole is no surprise. As long as your boot shape is good, after repairing the sole you can carry on. Most boots sole repairs could be done by glue but the perfect one. Okay moving on,

Take off the old sole: You may need pliers to do it. All you have to do is just hold the shoe tightly and with the help of pliers, pull on the edge of the boot sole. Fully take off the sole if it doesn’t come off smoothly use a butter knife or paint scraper between boot sole and try to pull off.

Use a heat gun or hair dryer: If boot sole is not coming off because of attached glue, then you a heat gun or hair dryer to warm up the adhesive, it will come out easily.

Clean off old adhesive: There will be some dried adhesive remaining on the bottom of your boots, use little nail polish remover or acetone and scrub boots bottom with a rag. Scrub until it gets fully cleaned.

Rub Sandpaper: Once boots bottom is cleaned, rub sandpaper on both your boots bottom and new sole. Rub until it gets rough, you can use 120-grit sandpaper. Rough surfaces make a better bond with glue.

Apply glue: It’s time to apply the glue, Shoe Goo is widely used and very effective glue for boots, you can use it. Take a brush or cotton ball and apply glue on boots bottom and new sole, wait for a minute.

Put the new sole: After applying the glue on sole and boots bottom, wait for a minute and slowly put the new sole on the bottom of the boots. You have to make sure that sole edges are lined up perfectly and then press tightly against the bottom of the boot. It might take few minutes to stick perfectly, so just put a stable pressure against boots bottom and keep the pressure for one or two minutes.

Clamp the sole with boot: For a strong bond, boot soles need to be pressed against the bottom of the boots. You can use a rubber band or weights or duct tape to keep the sole pressed tightly with boots bottom. You can wrap it with rubber bands or you can place boots on the floor and put a weight on the top of boots.

Wait: Different adhesives have different natures. Most glue takes at least 24 hours to set perfectly, we can’t say how long your glue will take but if you used Shoe Goo adhesive, then leave the boots in a secure place and wait for 24 hours. It will be ready to use by that time.

Filling the boot sole holes

leather glue

Sometimes we see holes in boot sole and for that, you don’t have to pull off the entire boot sole, just do few things given below,

Clean the area: You have to clean properly the area around the hole. You will need warm water and alcohol, rub the area around the hole with warm water and alcohol to clean off dirt. Leave it to dry for 4 to 5 minutes.

Rub with sandpaper: Get 120-grit sandpaper and rub the area around the hole until it gets fully rough.

Fill the hole with glue: Don’t touch the adhesive with your hand. Gently pour glue into the hole and fill the whole hole. Take an ice cube and rub it on the glue surface for making it smoother. Leave it for 5 to 6 hour.

Be careful, do all these things away from the fire, glue can catch fire which can lead to a major accident. Time to wrap up, we hope this article will help you to repair leather boots sole all by yourself. Protection Status
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