7 best Self Assessment Tools For Students

Self-evaluation is essential in all areas of human existence to assess personal performance, pinpoint errors, and make the necessary corrections. This is particularly true for students, as they are currently in a phase of continuous learning. Every day brings them new knowledge, introduces them to novel situations, teaches them how to deal with various challenges, and helps them appreciate cultural values, thereby enabling them to adapt and integrate into society.

Therefore for them self-assessment is very necessary. Self-assessment can be done in several ways such as newspaper reading, peer teaching, self-grading, open ended questions, quick summaries and while doing these they use several tools such as strengths finder, big five personality assessment, Holland code and many more.

Myers Briggs Type Indicators

This is the most popular type of indicator which determines the personality of each and every student and accordingly provides results. It test several category of personality that should be present in a student and thereby focuses on their attention level by determining whether a student is extrovert or introvert, then they focuses on the power of gathering information by identifying whether they are collecting it by sensing or intuition, then they highlights how the students takes decision by observing their thinking power or feelings, they then focuses on how they react in facing situations weather by judging or by perceiving. “ this personality testing tool helped me a lot in gaining the several personality skills and thereby helped me a lot in self assessing” says Dello who is an expert and provides marketing assignment help.

Strengths finder

This particular self-assessment tool helps the student to explore their inner strength.

First of all, it tests how the students achieve their position from learning procedures.

Secondly, it tests the activeness of the student as well as their performing capability.

Thirdly, after collecting the information now how the students adapt the entire thing to form a constructive process that means it checks their adaptability power.

Fourthly, it tests their analytical power and observes how critically they are able to analyze any content.

Fifthly, after analyzing contents, now how the student will arrange the entire matter into a proper sequence. Therefore it tests their arranging capacity.

Sixthly, it also identifies their belief as well as their command over the content and matter.

Finally it also helps the student to analyze their communication skills.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter

This is a questionnaire designed based self-assessed tool which helps the students to understand their inner skills and others too. It comprises four different types of temperaments such as the xrational, the artisan, the idealist and the guardian. All these temperaments are determined by genetics.

Temperaments basically refer to our behavioral style where this test identifies the specific behaviors within us and observe how we react to any situation. “Through several question answer session this test find out our inner behavioral skills and shows result of our performances” says Drone who is an expert and provide pay to do homework service.

Five Big Personality Assessment

It concentrates on the five dimensions of human being which includes: openness, neuroticism, agreeableness, extraversion, conscientiousness. Through this personality test each and every individual is assessed which differentiate them from each other.

First of all it tests their openness and how they welcome the values and beliefs of each culture as well as how they treat each one of them.

Secondly, neuroticism is a personal trait and often impacts the negative part of a human being.

Thirdly extroversion that focus on the extrovert behavior of a child or any individual while performing any task.

Fourthly, agreeableness which therefore highlights the positive behavior of an individual and observes certain aspects where the students provide their statement by agreeing with the fact or disagreeing.

Fifthly, conscientiousness where the students are found to maintain their consciousness and accordingly make decisions.

Holland Code

These codes refer to career as well as job categories which again can be classified into Realistic which means doers, Enterprising which means persuaders, Investigate means thinkers, Social means helpers, Artistic means thinkers and conventional which means organizers. It is an interactive version of RIASEC which therefore focuses on the career related thought and vocational choice of the students.

News Paper Reading

Through newspaper reading sessions the students can also self-assess their reading skills and can identify the major areas which required improvement. When a student reads a newspaper or any kind of journal or article then he/she is not only developing the reading skills but also improving the understanding skills as well.

Through newspapers they are able to gain several important information that enhance their general knowledge.

Open Ended Questions

Open ended questions also help a student to develop their understanding skills of that particular from which the questions were asked. As needed elaborations to answer the questions, thereby helps the learner to learn thoroughly according to the point and can therefore self-assess them by analyzing which points they missed and which are to be included. “This tool helped me to develop my curiosity level and elaborating level “says Smita who is one of the best online chemistry tutors.


So therefore, the above mentioned self-assessment tools help the students to judge their quality and performance by their own and therefore are able to recognize which portion and areas are to be improved for their betterment in future.

The parents as well as teachers help are also required to make the students understand about the basic features of these tools.

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