Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats and Dogs?

One question at the back on your mind before starting your pet on cannabis medication is how your animal companion will react. For most of it, cats and dogs seem to be easy-going fellows, but there are times when they can be in a great deal of medical attention, and this time could be indeed trying. It is common to find pet owners who use CBD oil, and most do so without following a medical prescription.

Seeking medical advice remains the norm for using any medication for dogs and cats. So, yes, you should check with a vet before using oil to treat ailments in animals. There are indeed numerous ways your pet can benefit from the use of CBD, but you want to stay informed on the best safety practices when it comes to cannabis. The first thing you should know is the different types of cannabis plants.

Marijuana and Hemp CBD

Why most people term all cannabis plant marijuana, not all of the bushy-green herb is a weed or at least leaves you stricken with a high. Hemp is a variety of the cannabis plant with cannabinoid compounds which includes CBD and THC. While they are also present in marijuana, the THC content is less in one than in the other.

If you are already familiar with weed, you certainly know that THC is the culprit for the high you suffer from when you puff or hit the bong. You may also know that while hemp is soothing and therapeutic, it doesn't have any psychoactive effect on the body. This is why it is common to find a lot of pet hemp products available online.

Clinical Stand on CBD Oil for Pets

There is still an ongoing inquest into the health risk of regular cannabis consumption. However, some studies show that using medical CBD oil could be useful for treating certain conditions. And with a strict treatment regimen, it is possible to reduce the risks of side effects from the medication.

Still, there is no conclusion on the potential dangers of the long-term use of marijuana and hemp extracts on humans and animals. As mentioned earlier, you want to follow strict medical supervision when using CBD oil for dogs and cats. This page has more on the side effects of using hemp products on pets.

How to Use Pet CBD Safely?

Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats and Dogs 2

Most of the time, overdosing is not always why your pet may have problems with cannabis medication. Using a bad batch of CBD products on your pet can result in severe complications as well, so there is a lot to be on the lookout for in hemp products for dogs and cats. Some of the ways to avoid problems with CBD oil for pets is to

See a Vet

You don't want to avoid seeking medical advice before using CBD for your dog or cat. You must do so as it could help make things more comfortable with their treatment. Your pet will enjoy the close supervision, which would be helpful in severe cases such as cancer management in dogs and cats.

Get the Best

There are many CBD products on sale online, and finding the best one for your dog may be an uphill task. You are at a better chance of getting useful suggestions on the best products out there when you check with Daily CBD Reviews. Again, you can use the internet to find some of the popular options other pet owners are buying and narrow it down.

Choose Less THC

You don't want your pet to suffer from any psychoactive experience, so you also want to note the THC levels of the hemp products for dogs and cats. You should look for source information on some of the best options with less than 0.3% THC when in the market for pet hemp oil or treat. There also has to be a lab test to certify that the product is free from any toxic compound that could endanger the body.

Use the Right Dosage

You should also use the right amount of CBD oil for your pet. Even though it doesn't cause any high, it is still common to suffer from side effects when you use cannabis in excess. Most products provide dosage information based on the weight and age of your pet, so you may want to check the leaflets or packaging for details.


It is important that you seek medical advice when planning on using CBD for pets. Also, shop the best products and ensure you follow strict dosing to avoid complications with using hemp for dogs and cats. Protection Status
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