Best Pistol To Buy For A First-Time Gun Owner

It can be quite challenging and confusing when you want to buy your first handgun. You will probably have lots of questions about the best caliber, whether to pick a revolver or automated one. Deciding on the caliber is important as it determines the usage and effectiveness.

Why are you looking for a gun? Is it for self-defense?

If so, there are several conditions the caliber should meet. You should also keep in mind your safety. Do not allow yourself to be carried away by the excitement of owning a gun for the first time.

What caliber is best?

There exist a variety of caliber with different specifications. They include .40 Smith, Wesson rounds and .45ACP     cartridges.  A caliber of 9mm is the best recommendation for shooting starter. The reason for its preference is the mild coil qualities it possesses. It has a high volume of more than 15 rounds making ideal for learning purposes.

There’s no need for you to keep on refilling it during shooting practice. The FBI agent and the police mostly employ this caliber. You will need lots of practice despite the caliber recommendations for successful learning.

What does it mean to have low recoil?

Recoiling happens when a gun moves backward after discharge. In classical times a recoil is an illustration of motion law. According to this law, “for each action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction”. Shooting with a handgun is one for the best illustration of the law of emotion. A low recoil is a perfect experience for beginners as it an opportunity to learn. Beginners are able to handle the gun without fear, unlike a high recoil experience.

Do heavy guns have more recoil?

Quite the contrary, heavy guns have less recoil because of their weight. The bigger guns are easy to manage. Just as the law of motion puts it, when firing a gun, the force given to the bullet is the same as that which applies to the gun in opposite directions. It is therefore probable that a lighter gun will shift faster to gain the same momentum. This reaction will be thus simpler for a heavier gun.

Why is there a recoil when a gun is fired?

A recoil happens when a gun is fired because it trying to conserve momentum. Momentum implies how an object is able to resist changes in motion.

Handgun Size

A full-size gun is a perfect fit for someone who is just starting out. An example is a barrel of between 4-5 inches as it’s easy to operate. It is easy to fire as it mass absorbs the recoil. For you who is an amateur, a handgun is great for starting out with. It has a big surface for handling. Besides the holding area, its sight radius is wide. One can clearly view the target easy and manage an attack. Further recommendation for a full-size gun for beginners is the 9mm Glock 19(G19) as featured above.

Most law enforcers use these guns worldwide. One has to be careful when firing a gun for the first time. It’s possible to get bruises in attempts to keep up with the momentum. To help deal with this, one should consider getting some recoil pads for protection. Before setting out for practice let these pads be among the important things in your gun range bag. The pads create a buffer for your fingers against the recoil effect.


As a first-time shooter, having an ammo is very vital. It’s advisable to opt for bullets with a hollow point to facilitate stopping power. Stopping power is the capability to hunt down the target faster. An example is an instant gun down of a burglar for self-defense. Such bullets would be best for instant reaction. Examples of best bullets to consider as beginners are Speer gold dot or Federal hydrashok. They both have a good reputation for reliability and likable by the users.


This pistol falls among the best recommendation for beginners to utilize. It has serrations on the handle and adjustable back bands. One can adjust the bands to fit the size of the hands during a shooting practice. Other amazing features the pistol has is an indicator for the status bar and the loaded chamber.

Smith & Wesson M & P 9

This handgun is among the lightweight ammunition's. It is nicely designed with an appealing smooth surface. One can easily use it with ease whether left or right handed. It is also durable and therefore suitable for long-term applications. You don’t need to be wary of its safety during usage.  As this pistol is designed for the law enforcers.

Ruger LCR9

This handgun is an example of a typical revolver for double action. It has miniature clips known as moon clips to hold metal pieces within. It is a great choice for a beginner who needs to learn about loading firearms.


For you to successfully utilize these viable handguns as a beginner, there’s needs to engage in a lot of practice.  These recommendations alone won’t work if you do not put your heart in it. All the best as you start out.

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